Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm missing 5% of myself

Exactly 4 weeks ago today I restarted Weight Watchers and when I weighed in today I was informed that I lost 5% of my body weight in that time!

When I started WW I decided that I need to give myself some goals to reach with AMAZING rewards! I used to be all lameo with my rewards but I decided that this time my reward would be something I have wanted for a crazy long time... A TRIP TO EUROPE!

at 214 - book 2 weeks off work for my trip (DONE!)
at 204 - book my flight to England!!!!
at 194 - book a flight from England to Italy!
at 184 - book my flight from Italy to Paris

I have until July 6, 2011 to finish these goals. On July 6 I will book my flight back to Regina from whatever location I reach the goals for. Now I just need to convince Kaila to come with me!

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The Keno Family said...

totally amazing rewards Andrea!