Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home on the farm... NOT

For the past 4 days I have been house sitting for some friends. This has proved to be a much more eventful time then I was anticipating. Did I mention they have a hobby farm?
Arrive at 7pm time to let the little turkey chicks out for a run and feed the animals. It was also time to put the big white turkey away all went well no issues... Yaaa!!!
I went out when I got up and fed the horse, goats, and turkeys. The big white turkey tried to eat me... but no problem I made it into the house without being injured. About 20 min. after getting in the house my eyes started to get itchy... this is normal I'm allergic to hay and or horses not too sure which I just know I get puffy eyes around barns... within an hour my eye was all red and puffy, by 12 I couldn't see clearly out of it and decided I needed to do something about it. I called the pharmacy because it was a holiday and I didn't think that this was important enough for emerg. He old me I needed to get allergy medication so that meant a trip out. Unfortunately I couldn't find my sun glasses so I couldn't hide my hideously puffy eye. I got my allergy medication but not without scaring a few children... they didn't think my eye looked so hot. After my arrival back at their house I chilled out for a bit then I decided that I was going to go pick myself some fresh veggies. on my way out I decided to grab the broom just incase killer turkey decided that he/she needed it show me who was boss again. I got into the garden with no mishaps however by the time I got my veggies there it was ready to eat me. All I could think was good thing I brought that broom or I would be here for a long long time. And boy did that broom come in handy when it was time to get out of there. since the broom served me so well I decided that it would work great to get mr. turkey back into his pen for the night.... it saved my life or at least my legs! Heather then came to help me feed the other animals so I could spare myself the puffy eye. Just a side note my eye did depuff after a while but it was still very red when I went to bed.
Back to work! so I had to feed the turkeys early and then I was off, heather came and feed the other animals for me and let out the turkey... not sure how it was for her. I came home and all was good until I looked out the window and big turkey decided that it would be fun to chase a poor lady and her dog down the road. WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO??? I really hate this turkey and it hates me so I went out with my broom and fortunately it decided I would be better to chase them dog walking lady.... needless to say that was mr.killers last chance he is staying in his pen until his family gets back! Then there were still the little turkeys to take care of and one of them isn't doing so hot... not too cure what's wrong something with it's leg/foot I would guess because it was limping/falling over.... poor guy.... but buddy really please stay alive until they get back I don't want to have to tell them I killed their cute turkey.
I'm back on feeding duty as of last night because it turns out heather is highly allergic to the hay/horse too... I guess our dreams of marrying farmers will never work out now:( Anyways I got up and first thing I went out and did my feeding tasks before I showered... little turkey still wasn't looking so swell... :(... feeding went great... I put killers food on the poop scooper and put it under the fence so he couldn't eat me... I'm too smart! Then it was time to shower. When I was in the shower I started to hear a mans voice... crap what's happening??? so I finished my shower still hearing it from time to time... AHHHHH I was going go to be killed!!! So after I showered I got brave and went out to see who was in my house and then I heard the voice again it said "your batteries are low" and then it said it again I'm thinking in French... well it was nice to know I wasn't going to die just needed to change the batteries on the smoke detector.... who knew they made talking ones? I just realized I took the batteries out but I never did replace them... I guess I should go and do that. Well that's all for now from the farm... stay tuned for more!


LeAnna (and David) said...

you could still marry a farmer, he'd just have to be a vegetable farmer or something.

Jennifer said...

This is hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment!

The Keno Family said...

No turkeys for our farm heh?